Young girl

Setting Discipline Limits

Ideas for grandparents regarding the disciplining of their grandchildren. Stresses the need for consistency, respectful interaction, and the need to honour the authority of children’s parents.

Happy Child

Instilling Self-Esteem in Grandchildren

Advice for grandparents on ways to encourage healthy self esteem in their grandchildren. Offers specific tips on ways that grandparents can help grandchildren to feel confident and secure.

Parent holding child

Respecting the Parents Authority

Advice for grandparents about maintaining a respect for the ultimate authority of their grandchildren’s parents. Stresses the need for respectful family communication.

Child having a meltdown

Dealing With a Grandchild’s Misbehaviour

Information for grandparents in regards to dealing with their grandchildren’s misbehaviour. Encourages cooperation between the children’s parents and grandparents but stresses that the final decision must be that of the parents.