Life Saving and CPR Certification

A look at emergency circumstances that may cause the need to lifesaving techniques and CPR. Includes tips on locating classes for certification as well on accident and injury prevention tips.

Boy eating bread

Foods to Avoid

A guide for grandparents regarding common food allergies in children as well as common choking hazards. Includes tips on safe mealtimes, as well as advice on emergency preparedness.

Baby sat on floor playing

Child-Proofing Your Home

Ideas for grandparents in matters of childproofing their homes to ensure the safety of visiting grandchildren. Includes tips for both indoor and outdoor safety.

Child asleep

Sleep Safety Recommendations

Information for grandparents regarding safe sleeping for babies and children, with an emphasis on the risk factors for cot death.

Tending to a poorly child

Updates in Child Health Care

Advice for grandparents on child health and safety issues that are important to today’s parents. Covers safe sleeping, pain relief and fever reduction, safe playgrounds, car seat safety, and allergies.

Child sat in a car safety seat

Car Seats and Safe Transportation

A refresher on car seats and laws regarding the safe transportation of children for grandparents who plan to take their grandchildren for rides in their cars.