Fact Sheet For Grandparents

Tidbits of information about modern grandparents in the UK, including statistics about those who are providing regular care or have taken full responsibility for their grandchildren.


Baby Equipment for Your House

Information and advice for grandparents in choosing baby equipment to keep at their house for visits from their grandbabies.

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Obtaining Parental Responsibility

Though they are blood relatives, grandparents have no automatic, legal rights or responsibilities to care for their grandchildren. This article discusses a few of the means by which grandparents can assume Parental Responsibility for grandchildren, including one reader’s story of how she did it on her own.

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Travelling With Grandchildren

A look at grandparents and grandchildren as traveling companions, addressing issues as fun and bonding as well as the practical subjects of budget and preparing for possible emergencies.

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Choosing Schools

Advice for grandparents in choosing a camp or specialty school for their grandchildren. Touches on affordability, camp safety, the readiness of the child, and a camp’s ability to meet the need of medically or developmentally challenged children.