Grandparents with granddaughter

Visiting and Hosting Grandchildren

A look at planning visits between grandparents and their grandchildren, when they do not live in close proximity to one another. Gives tips on having fun while keeping an eye on the budget.


Email Basics

Guidelines on the use of email for grandparents who wish to use this form of communication to correspond with their grandchildren.

Old man using an iphone

Using Mobile Phones

Ideas for grandparents regarding the use of mobile phones as a means to keep in close contact with their grandchildren.

Baby looking at book and surrounded by toys

Choosing Age Appropriate Toys and Gifts

Guidelines for grandparents for choosing toys and other gifts for their grandchildren, including safety issues and recommendations for purchasing gifts that meet with the approval of the children’s parents.

Proud grandfather with his granddaughter

Protecting the Rights of Grandchildren

Advice on looking out for the rights of children for grandparents who have taken on the responsibility of caring for their grandchildren. Stresses the need for professional legal advice.

By the kae with grandchildren

Taking Legal Custody of Grandchildren

Advice for grandparents who are seeking legal custody of their grandchildren. Advises the careful documentation of all negative interaction with the kids’ parents and stresses the importance of seeking professional legal advice.