What Not To Do

Guidelines for grandparents regarding their desire to be a part of their grandchildren’s lives. Offers tips on being helpful without being intrusive.

New parents with baby

Offering Help to New Parents

Advice for grandparents who want to help their grown kids as they begin families of their own. Includes tips for being helpful without being intrusive.

Grandparents walking by the waterside

Boundaries as a Grandparent

Ideas for grandparents regarding the importance of observing reasonable boundaries with their grandchildren. Includes tips on strengthening family bonds while honouring the authority of parents.

One step behind

How to Take a Step Back

Ideas for new grandparents regarding the boundaries that they should follow in order to be helpful, but not interfering in the lives of their grandchildren.

Granddaughter being supported whilst walking

How to Support Your Grandchildren

Advice for grandparents who would like to offer support and guidance to their grandchildren. Offers tips on establishing a trusting relationship while honoring the authority of the children’s parents.

Grandparents holding their granddaughter's hands

Divorced Grandparents

Ideas for divorced grandparents in regards to overcoming their differences with their ex in order to make life easier on the grandchildren. Includes tips on visits, family events, and maintaining a positive attitude.